Lost All Memeing

So seriously, am I the only one who’s Facebook feed is constantly flooded by crappy internet memes? But the thing that really bugs me is, that I spend forever coming up with and creating these cartoons yet someone just spends a couple of minutes doing a sentence on some dumb ecard bullshit and it gets crap loads of ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ and I get jack shit. Well, not to say I don’t appreciate the ‘likes’ I do get now, I really do get very excited for everyone I get true, but it would be nice to get more. As you can tell, this constant flow of meme’s do rather annoy me, especially ones that aren’t even a joke, it’s just an observation like “do you remember this when you were a kid?” or “like if you agree with this vague bullshit statement”….grrrrrr.

So I had this idea awhile ago, I think I was planning on using it for something else but I changed my mind when I thought of the father angle. You see here in Australia it was Father’s Day yesterday, so in honor of that I thought I’ll do a father related joke, hence why this guy got an iPad for Father’s Day. So happy Father’s Day to all my fellow dad’s out there! Let’s hope you enjoyed all the crappy Father’s Day Meme’s you all probably received yesterday!

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