Super Defacement

Sorry, had to dip into the vault again this week as I’ve been quite sick and feeling like crap most of last week. Mind you, this one still looks really good even though it’s about 5 years or so old, and honestly if I hadn’t even mentioned that is was an old one I doubt most of you would have noticed anyway! But hey, I’m not going to lie to you guys would I?

Even though this is old, I can still remember how I got the first idea for this one! I was riding on a train one day and I’m always fascinated by what books people read, I think it says a lot about you honestly. Some people go through medicine cabinets, I poke through your bookcase…anyway, so I always have a good sticky beak at who’s reading what on public transport and this one day a woman in front of me was reading some book about heroes and I only got a quick glimpse at it and thought she was reading a book about herpes! I did a quick double take and eventually saw the real title and made a note of it. How funny would it have been though, if she was reading a book on herpes…wait a minute, hmmmm, I think I have another idea forming…..
I remember for ages, the idea was always going to be something about sporting heroes/herpes, and a male sports star who sleeps around a lot having herpes. I think Shane Warne was the one I was going to use, by I could never quite nail the joke, so I eventually looked at it again and came up with “Super Herpes” and this final idea instead.

Anyway, I’ve had about 3 hours sleep last night, I’m still kind of sick so I’m going to bed, see ya.


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