Then He Gave it a Brain

At first appearance this week’s cartoon may appear to be just a simple dick joke, but no, a little more thought went into it than that. I’m not sure if it’s just a guy thing, but in general if someone if given complete creative control to create something, often you’ll find a certain number of them will create a dick shape. I’m not sure why, and in fact I wish I could do a social experiment to give a large group of people some clay and see just how many dicks are made. This was proven quite a few years ago when a PC game called Spore was released when you could create your own creature to inhabit a planet and even though they banned your account for a period of time online if it resembled a dick, so many people made dick creatures! If they didn’t ban them, then that game would just be inhabited by dick monsters I swear. Don’t believe me? Just a quick Youtube search for “Spore Penis” (I got 6,050 results and this game came out in 2008!), like this: Now that’s just wrong…Oh wait, look at this one:

And look at all the famous inventions inspired by the penis shape; Rockets, bullets, dildos….wait, maybe not that one, but you get the idea.
So am I really giving this way too much thought? Probably, anyway so I’ve noted this down quite some time ago, that people just love making dick shapes. So I did play around with several ideas on this subject, mostly revolving around someone having the ability to create anything he wants and he makes a dick first. It wasn’t until the other week that it finally occurred to me just who that person could be, the man who created it all, God! So being the Atheist that I am, I always enjoy making fun of the big guy, but technically this isn’t really a religion bashing joke, if you understand how I got the idea. Who else is more famous for creating stuff? And I really like the idea of God just stuffing around at the end of a long day creating existence.  

I’m also a massive Gary Larson, Far Side fan and this cartoon is also inspired by one of his classic cartoons, this one: Which is why, if you look carefully enough you can see a container marked “Jerks” in the background. I also added some subtle jokes on the spines of the books on the top shelf in the background, but I doubt you can actually read them anyway, so they were probably only just for me, we’ll see. Oh and the “Human Clay” thing, not a reference to the Creed album, just putting that out there…..I’m not a Creed fan…..maybe once when I didn’t no any better, but not anymore… really.

Ok, until next time my friends! (I need a cool, catchy sign off phrase, any ideas??)


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