Curly Traces

You know what? After all these years I think I’ve finally found the best system for brainstorming cartoon ideas! Riding on the bus with headphones on and a notebook on my lap. Simple yes, but effective! I can’t procrastinate as I only have a short time each way and pretty much nothing else to do, I don’t know why, but it just seems to get me more focused than normal. Don’t get me wrong though, all my other methods still work well, as the notebooks I bring on the bus are full of random notes from many different times and locations. So all my methods combined tend to work I guess. Anyway, so I finally had a chance to take a bus ride into the city by myself last Friday, and seeing how productive it was I might try and do that every couple of weeks or so from now on. Now if you remember I mentioned last week that I had a cartoon half done and guess what? This isn’t it, as I got this idea on the bus ride home to do some work  on Friday and liked it so much I just had to do it!

I’ve mentioned before, that sometimes all it takes is for me is to see a word or a phrase and a little lightbulb goes off in my head to let me know that there’s something there to use for an idea later on. This one? I saw the phrase “May contain traces of nuts” somewhere and that’s pretty much all I had written down eventually. When I first started developing the idea I was going with a joke revolving around Mr Peanut ( and ladies who were alergic to nuts not being able to have sex with him or something along those lines. Then I thought about ‘nuts’ and ‘balls’ (that sounds wrong when you say that out loud honestly, if only I was thinking out loud on the bus, ha!), and and that a trace of ‘nuts’ might be a pube and then I pretty much was on the path to this idea from there. So, sorry Mr Peanut, maybe next time buddy, next time….

Alrighty, see ya


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