The Insecurity Guard

Sometimes I get basic ideas just from a single word or phrase, like this one came from just the word “insecurity”. From the beginning the basic idea was an Insecurity guard, it just took me awhile get to down the details of it all. This is also one of those ideas that I stubbornly hang on to and refuse to let go until I get the idea down. And you know what? I only really figured out the final idea whilst in the shower just before I sat down to draw it! It’s definitely a damn good feeling hanging on so long to an idea and finally using it that’s for sure.

For awhile there this idea was going to be an ‘insecurity guard’ who actually made women feel insecure in clothing stores, but when you think about it that doesn’t make much sense. I mean, what’s he guarding from? That train of thought led me to this idea actually, so who would the insecurity guard, guard women from? Who makes them feel insecure about their appearance? Yep, stupid boyfriend being brutally honest in clothing stores!

Anyway, hope you like it, until next time!


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