The Real Threat

Finally after a month off I’m back with a brand new cartoon! After all that ‘time off’ you think I’d have better planned for this one, but no. Started it Friday afternoon and finished it Sunday night and there’s no real interesting back story on the idea either! So nothing much to talk about….ahhhh, hmmm, yeah, I’ve got nothing.

Wait, no, I do! Well, kind of. So while I was sifting through all my old cartoons to find some to post while on holidays, I happen to notice a difference in the art. It took me a short time to realize what it was, so a couple of years back I decided to draw my cartoons smaller. Which I think was to try and save time if I remember correctly. But you can clearly see a difference and I thought that I actually preferred the ones that were larger and then just shrunk down when uploading them. So this week I thought I’d experiment a bit and draw this week’s cartoon about twice the size of how I’ve been doing them of late. What do you think? Can you tell the difference?

See you next time,


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