Fiddler Confusion

Greetings! This week’s cartoon was originally meant to be a comic book cover inspired one, which if you follow me on any sort of social media, I posted an in progress sketch a few weeks back. But unfortunately I didn’t have enough time, as it’s one that will take a bit extra time to do properly and I didn’t want to rush it and therefore stuff it up. So I just went with a good old quick ‘normal’ one this week instead! Hopefully next week I’ll have the other one done.

My eldest son Dash is obsessed with Monster Trucks, amongst other things, so I’ve been watching a lot of Monster Jam on TV and playing the video game a fair bit of late. It’s kind of sad that Penelope and I are starting to get into it now as well. So after so much monster trucks I started to wonder what would be the most ‘montsery’ monster truck you could possibly create?  And you know what the first ‘monster’ I thought of was? Yep, paedophiles…..So, I had an idea of this fearsome of all monster trucks called….The Kiddy Fiddler! Which, to be honest, I still really do like that idea….but I couldn’t think of a good ‘punch-line’ for it (not yet anyway), but it did get me thinking about “Kiddy Fiddlers”. It didn’t take me long to think of the two different ‘fiddlers’ and come up with this final idea. 

For quite awhile though it was going to be a fiddler busker with the “Kiddy Fiddler” sign and he was getting dragged off by two cops. It wasn’t until the day before I did this I thought it would be better if it was a guy at home advertising his services with a sign that would look like he’s a convicted paedophile that was forced to put the sign up to warn the neighbourhood. Isn’t it funny how things develop? And who said paedophiles aren’t funny? Well, they aren’t really I guess, but nothing wrong with making jokes about them right?

If this trend continues, it probably won’t be long until I do some seedy joke about Toy Story next!

Until next time my friends!


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