At Least You’d Get Free Wine

Greetings! How are we all? This week I discovered another good brainstorming technique! I’m always searching for new ways to brainstorm cartoon ideas, so I often try many different methods. I have a notebook that has “‘Almost There’ Ideas Book” written on the front, which is full of single line descriptions of ideas I’ve had where I just know that it’s a good idea, but it’s just missing ‘something’ to make it usable and awesome. These ideas are transferred from one of my “Big Book of Ideas”, which is full of random ideas, but I always earmark the “almost there” ideas to then transfer to my other book. I’ve been doing this for quite some time, but last week I thought I’d bring the book with me on a bus trip into the city. I usually only brainstorm in my office, but being out and about really helps with brainstorming. Nothing quite like a good old change of scenery to boost the old grey mater. So instead of just sitting there on a bus staring out into nothing I used that time well and nutted out some good ideas. And the few I did come up with I then, as I was walking around the city with headphones on, fine-tuned some more. So, not only did I get some errands done, I was also working at the same time! How’s that for good time management? I’ve now started using this new method in my lunch breaks when I work on Saturdays at my ‘real job’ to. All over it!

So I had the basic idea of getting Cheeses and Jesus mixed up for some time, it just wasn’t until my bus ride the last week that it finally came to me just how to do it. I think I really loved the idea of Jesus just standing there in the doorway not looking to impressed, honestly. Anyway, enjoy!


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