That’s Not Mayo

Hello again my good friends!

I really do enjoy dissecting my ideas and detailing just how I get them on this blog as one of my initial goals when I first started this blog was to make it informative as well as funny. So I hope you guys all like it as well. But you know what, sometimes I just see or hear something and the complete idea pretty much just pops into my head. It doesn’t happen very often and it only ever happens because I’ve spent years and years of my life trying to brainstorm and think up funny cartoon ideas. Can you guess where this going and how I got this idea? Yep, I saw on a menu the other week a “pulled pork sandwich” and boom! That’s all it took. You see “pulled pork” and think “hmmmm, tasty”, I think about a pig getting jerked off in a kitchen. Honestly there are always a few key buz words that always make me think of something crude that can sometimes lead to ideas, like: “pull”, “load”and “jerk” just to name a few.

So no real in-depth story for this week, maybe next time 😉


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