Lesser Known

Merry Christmas everybody! Kind of, I’m a day or so early I know, but this week’s cartoon is an Christmas themed one so I thought it was appropriate.

So I was tossing up a few ideas for my Christmas themed cartoon this week. I was actually going with a ‘naughty/nice’ Santa type gag, until I came up with this one. I mean, you know me, it’s not like I’ll do a lovely, nice, family friendly Santa joke now would I? Hell no, straight to the dick jokes for me! It’s my bread and butter after all….well genitalia in general I guess.

When I first brainstormed this idea it was just the basic idea that Rudolf has a lesser known brother with a glowing red dick. It wasn’t until I was thinking over it yesterday that the final idea came to me, I really liked the idea of his brother working in porn and using my favourite “I’ve come to clean zee pool” line. As soon as I had that visual in my head I knew I had my Christmas idea done.

So, I hope you all have a great Christmas! See you soon!


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