Seeming Useless

Greetings my friends, how are we all? This week’s cartoon is another one of those ideas I sometimes get that I often wonder if most people will find funny or not, but I do so I do it anyway. More often than not when I think that, it usually ends up being a well loved cartoon. Which just goes to prove how little I actually know about what people find funny or not. All I’ve got to go on is my rather unusual sense of humour, which is fine by me, I like it I do it.

I remember getting the basic idea for this one down when I was reading something where someone was complaining about all the useless things they learnt at school. Which got me thinking that what if those seeming useless skills actually saved the day once? Not sure if I’ve mentioned this before but I hate the recorder with a passion, I was forced to play in school and hated every second of it. I’m pretty sure no other instrument sounds as bad when played by someone with pretty much not talent or skill at it. One of the greatest days of my life was recently when I read an article about schools beginning to replace recorder with the ukulele! Yes! As you know, I have 2 sons and if I had to endure them fumbling through playing that stupid recorder I don’t know if I could survive honestly. Not only is it a damn good idea aurally, but I’d sure love to see statistics on the amount of guys who got laid by being able to play recorder as opposed to playing guitar (I know the ukulele isn’t technically a guitar, but It’s like a gateway drug to it). Anyway, went off on a tangent there for a minute, so all I really did was once again look towards my “things I hate” list to find “recorder” to combine with the “Saving the day with a seemingly useless school learnt skill” idea and poof! This cartoon was born!

If you know me well, you’d know how much I hate Christmas, as I’ve worked in retail far too long and I’ve honestly had a lot of pretty shitty Christmas’ and not many good ones over the years. I think the worst was I was in my then shared house all by myself as I had to work (a really bad late night cleaning job at a motel, god I hated that job) and everyone had gone home to their families out of town and all I had was a cold pizza from the night before for lunch. But this is slowly changing somewhat as I have children now and I’m kind of looking forward to seeing how excited my eldest will be this year when he gets all his cool toys. Anyway, so I thought I might try and get all festive and do a Christmas cartoon next week. Still haven’t completely settled on an idea yet so feel free to send me some subject suggestions! Until then! Later.


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