The Wanking Dead – Special Features

Hello again, just thought I’d share some with you all how I created this week’s cartoon “The Wanking Dead”

Once I got the idea, I did a quick Google search to find an actual Walking Dead comic cover to base the cartoon on and eventually I found issue number 30:

I’d loved to have it pretty much identical to this cover, but I’m not that good so I kind of just used it as a rough basis on the design and still did it in my style.

Here’s the first initial sketch I did:

Initially the guy with all the porn looked kind of like me for some reason, I was going with the cliché fat nerd in the sketch. Once that was done I went ahead with the first pencil drawing:

So you can see at this stage I just changed the guy to be less of a cliché and more of a normal guy, which I’m not sure if this works better or not, it just felt like a better decision to me. The X marks were originally going to be the pure black spots, but in the end I ditched that and went for more subtle shades of grey in the background. And finally we have the final inked version:

So there you go, hope you found it interesting.


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