The Wanking Dead

So after all my drama’s and such I went out and bought a new scanner, and it’s pretty awesome I must say. Feels good to finally finish this cartoon as I think I started drawing it about a month ago! I had all the pencil work done about a month ago and I finished the inking last week when my scanner died and I’ve been colouring and finishing it off last Friday, phew! What a mission! There was a fair bit of work in this one compared to normal so I plan on going into it in more detail on Wednesday for a Special Features post, so look out for it. Now that I have a whole day to draw cartoons again I can do more stuff like this that might take longer than my usual quick cartoons. 

I’ve had this idea for a bit now, as I’m a big fan of The Walking Dead comics (This is actually inspired by an actual Walking Dead comic cover, #30 to be exact), so I probably got the idea whilst reading them, I don’t quite remember honestly. The only thing I was a tad unsure about was how many people in the world know what a ‘wank’ is? I know it’s “Chiefly British Vulgar Slang” (Thank you and mainly only used in England and Australia. So I hope you American guys actually get the joke, I’ll let freedictionary explain again: 

1. An act of masturbation.” Get it? 

Even with these concerns I just knew I had to do this anyway as I really loved the idea, and hey if only Aussies and Pom’s get it then so be it, I can live with that. I just hope all the Americans read this post to get the joke.

So, new month, new pageview stats! I’m really hoping to beat last month, which was a really, really good month I must say, so please help by spreading the word for me. Ok, see you all next time!


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