Wolf Wail

Oh man, I’ve had a rough couple of weeks….You know it must be bad when I haven’t posted anything in about 2 weeks and I’m still posting an old cartoon. It’s killing me that I missed a week, the first since I started this blog and I hate when I have to post cartoons from the vault, but let me explain.

2 weeks ago my lady, Penelope left to go to America for a week for a work conference, I wasn’t entirely confident about me looking after my two boys by myself so I got my mother to come stay and help out. Sounds like a plan right? Well a few weeks before mum came, she had a major operation, which is fine, but she couldn’t left more than 3 kilos. Normally not much of a problem, but my 7 month old weighed more than that at birth! So, this might be a bit trickier than I’d anticipated….but oh, it got much worse….Pretty much the day after Pen left, Kylar, my 7 month old, got sick and kept puking everywhere and always needed to be held….by me, oh dear. So after getting woken up at all hours and getting puked on a lot I went to the doctor, where, whilst in the waiting room he did the mother of all pukes all over me. The whole front of my shirt and half my pants were soaked and I had to sit in it utill I saw the doc and got medication and went home. So it’s so far been a bad week, but just when Kylar gets good, guess what? Yep, my almost 3 year old gets it and gets really sick, ahhhhh. What made that difficult was Kylar got jealous of my looking after his brother all the time then. So more lack of sleep (woken at different hours and sick children sleeping in bed with me), then when both the boys got better, guess what happened? Yep, I got it! The first day I got sick (it ended up being tonsillitis by the way), I seriously can not remember feeling that bad it so long, god it was awful. And as sick as I was, I still had to look after Kylar as mum couldn’t hold him, it was bad….. So then Pen gets home a couple of days later and I think I’m in the clear right? I’m getting better, but no, pretty much the day she gets back a chunk of one of my teeth just falls out! Now I have to get a $1500 crown on my tooth! Seriously what the hell? Worst week ever, grrrrrr. So even though I have a cartoon half finished, I was so exhausted and sick to do any work over the last 2 weeks, so sorry, couldn’t be helped. I had to get up a 5am this morning to drop Mum off at the airport so I’m tired as hell hence why I’m just dishing up an old cartoon from my vault this week.

I promise that everything will be back to normal by next week, and hopefully I can start working on getting lots of cartoons done so I can have some spare for emergencies next time. This cartoon is actually a really old one, but it’s one that I still like the artwork on and has held up quite well considering it’s age. Some of my old ones look like shit and now that I think of it, I might go through and plan some ‘remakes’ again, hmmmmmm, good idea.

Anyway, I’m so tired it’s starting to hurt so, until next time!


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