My Non-Literal, Visual Interpretation of Glee

Greetings! Look, there’s no denying it, I hate Glee (not as much as Big Bang Theory), as you can guess. Kind of understandable as I’m not the biggest fan of musicals in general, it just bugs me when people act normal and next thing burst into song and well rehearsed dance numbers. I just don’t get it honestly, I really don’t. Often cartoon ideas come to me from something I just blurt out as it just pops into my head, like this one. I was at work a while ago and we were playing the soundtrack for that damn Rock of Ages movie, which was really annoying as it was all cool songs ripped to shithouse by someone else and I happen to say to my fellow colleague Scotty the first thing that popped into my head, which was: “Man not since Glee have I ever heard so many good songs so viciously bent over and anal raped”. 

Can you guess what the original version of this cartoon looked like? Yep, one guy with a Glee t-shirt viciously anal raping another guy with “Your Favourite Song on his shirt. Now, I’m not one to usually shy away from inappropriate material and honestly, I haven’t here…I don’t think so anyway. But I was kind of worried about offending people, you know people who like anal sex….and rape victims. Did I pussy out on this one? I kind of prefer this version as it’s a tad more subtler…..just a tad. Anyway, I wanted to refine it and work on it somewhat. Over the last couple of days I’ve been thinking about it, and up until yesterday I was planning on having a guy in a Glee shirt getting out of a really trashed rental car with “You Favourite Song” written on the bonnet with the guy tossing the keys to an upset car rental guy. So at some point today I realised that was maybe a bit vague so I thought about the fact that Glee ‘kills’ good songs, which led to me this final idea. In another effort to make the joke a tad easier to get, I used the stupidly long titled I went with, which is funny considering how I was only talking the other day in my Special Features post about how much I tend to avoid long titles. I think it helps, just in case people do look at the joke as a literal interpretation and think I’m having a dig at Glee fans. Which I’m not, if you like that bullshit than good for you, you weirdo.

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