Domination Catalyst

Greetings again my friends, how are we all? I usually like to have a bit of a story behind how I get the idea for each week’s cartoon, but not so much this week. Honestly the idea for this one just popped into my head during the week when I was quite sick (yes, I’ve been sick yet again, the wondrous joys of having young children) and lying on the couch in the morning watching TV. Yep, that was it, I think there was something on TV about cat memes on the internet….I don’t even remember honestly. All I remember is that I really liked the idea of a James Bond like cat villain trying to take over the world and that’s why there’s so damn many cat memes, pictures and videos on the internet. I also liked the idea of a room full of overworked cats tapping away on laptops. So I wasn’t too confident that the idea would be that funny to everyone, but I didn’t care, I thought it was and I really liked it so there.

If you were wondering why the cat has a baby on his lap, it was because I was thinking of that Bond villian you used to stroke a white cat on his lap and I thought of the opposite, a human. It needed to be small, I was going to do a midgit, but still too big so I just went with a baby…as weird as it may be, I like it damn it!

As you may remember I was uber excited last week about finally getting a whole day to myself as both my boys were going into daycare together for the first time. Well that didn’t happen, well my youngest, Kylar, got to have his first day at daycare anyway. But typical, my eldest son Dash was sick and highly contagious and couldn’t go. So, hopefully if all goes well this Friday will be my big day, but I’m trying not to get too excited this time in case something else goes wrong…. pessimist that I am.

I’ve got some sketches to put up again this wednesday for a bonus special feature for this cartoon and I’ll talk so more about how I created it as well.

So, until then, later!


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