Greetings again my dear friends! This week’s cartoon didn’t almost happen for a couple of reasons, I am feeling a little under the weather and I’m tired so a couple of times earlier I contemplated bailing and posting an old cartoon. The other major reason was I’ve been putting off doing this one as it’s harder to draw than most, and honestly I was planning on leaving it until I had some more time to do it, but I didn’t have any other final ideas ready so I just went ‘screw it’! Yes, I wasn’t keen on the idea of drawing a Transformer and I probably would have kept putting it off anyway, so I’m glad I did it now. And you know what? I’m quite proud of this one actually, it came out better than I anticipated I must say, time to give myself a pat on the back….pat, pat

Were you all worried that I was going all clean with the last 2 weeks’ cartoons being so wholesome and all? As if! You know me, I’m sure it was just a fluke. 

I’ve had this idea for ages now, at one point I had Bumblebee and the Michelin Man both walking out of the bathroom and them getting cranky at the guy for assuming Bumblebee just blew Michelin Man. In the end I thought I’d simplify it more (also why I went with no background as when I tried it, it looked too busy and I don’t think it needs it…oh that and I ran out of time as well!), plus I really liked the idea that Bumblebee is in fact getting it on with the Michelin Man. I loved Bumblebee when I was a kid, I even had a metal toy of him (back in the day when Transformers toys were made of metal and not cheap plastic, ahhhh the good old days……god I’m old) which I wish I still had all my old toys to give to my boys now, that and I could have used it as a model for this drawing! Who would have thought all those years later I’d be drawing a cartoon about him having oral sex with a tire company mascot.

Anyway, hope you all like it, see you next time!


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