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I’m back! After about a week or so of being really run down and feeling like crap I’m back in good health and I’ve brought along a brand new cartoon! Had some difficulty when it came to drawing this one, as I discovered that lions were not as easy to draw as I’d expected and to be perfectly honest I’m still not happy with how they look. They look to dog like for my liking, just means I need to practice my lions more for next time. I actually visualised them looking more realistic in my head, but I struggled, so I ending up experimenting with a more ‘cartoony’ look. Once again, this is the problem I have with doing these cartoons on a Sunday night, where I’m pressed for time. But hey, the important thing is more about the joke then the art. You know what, it’s not that bad now that I look at it, but you must understand that I’m my own harshest critic. It’s pretty rare that I’m ever 100% happy with any of my work, which may sound harsh, but it’s what drives me to improve and get better every time. I don’t understand some of those newspaper comic strips where the art, pretty much has stayed the same for years  and years, like BC, which I also don’t understand why people like it either…it’s not funny, at all.

Which brings me to the good news! My 2nd son Kylar is going to be spending a full day a week in daycare with his brother in about 2 or 3 weeks! So this means I can finally have a whole day to myself to create cartoons and work on this site! I’ve got lots plans and ideas already, and hopefully the brand new site will be up by then as well, which is perfect timing. My ‘day off’ will be changing to Friday’s from Mondays though, which is fine, I’ll still post the main cartoon on Monday mornings. Hopefully I can also post a comic strip every Wednesday and some art on Fridays, this is going to be sweet, I’m very excited! Hopefully with this extra time I can aslos finally start to manage and regularly update all my social network sites like deviantART, Pintrest, and Twitter.

So how did I get the idea for this cartoon? Are you all familiar with Instagram and how it works? It’s pretty much a photo sharing app for your phone where you can place filters on the photos and post them. Now, what you seem to get a crap load of on Instagram though is people taking lots of photo’s of themselves (“selfies”) or there food before they eat it. I totally understand the selfie thing, especially if your good looking, which it does seem to only be mainly hot chicks who do it. But the food thing I just don’t get at all. Well, I’m not good looking and all the food I cook doesn’t look very pretty either (I cook good, don’t worry, I just couldn’t be bothered with all that fancy ‘plating up’ bullshit), but I do have really good looking children so I pretty much just take photos of them being cute on my Instagram. Anyway, so I had this idea a few weeks back to make a joke about how people love to take photo’s of their food so damn much. The first idea was anthropomorphic (damn I love that word) food taking photos of humans, but eventually I stuck with anthropomorphism, but just shifted it to lions taking photos of their ‘food’ instead. 

Alrighty, time to roll, see ya!


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