Blow This

Good morning, how are we all feeling today? Well, I feel like crap. I’ve caught some flu/cold thing that’s been knocking me around for the last couple of days, so I couldn’t draw a new cartoon last night I’m afraid. So, instead I’ve serving up and old classic cartoon from my ‘vault’.

One of the reasons I chose this one this week was that I can remember how I got the idea. You see, I remember in a shopping centre once I saw someone had set up one of those booth type shops in the middle of the centre that did creative glass blowing. Being me, the first thing I thought of when I saw the word “blower” was someone giving a blowjob….You know what, I’m not sure if it’s been many years of always trying to think up cartoon ideas that has changed the way I think and look at stuff like that now or did I always think like that? Anyway so for awhile I kept tossing up the idea of a man made of glass going to see a glass blower, but I wasn’t sure if visually it would be easy to tell that it was a guy made of glass so I abandoned the idea for a bit. Until one day I attacked it from another angle and thought of anthropomorphic (god-damn I love that word) things made of glass that would want to get “blown” and boom, I thought of the most easily distinguished thing made of glass, a light bulb. Now there could be an argument that his bottom part is made of metal, but screw it, it’s my cartoon, to that I say it’s just metal pants covering his glass private parts.

Anyway, I’m going back to bed, I feel like shit.


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