Still Got It

Greetings! This week’s idea is an ode to dads out there, as yesterday (Sunday, when I actually drew this cartoon) was Father’s Day here in Australia. So Happy Father’s Day to all you dads! Well, in case you didn’t know I have 2 kids, one 2 and a half the other about 5 months. Our almost 5 month old, Kylar, is a big chucky baby I must say, hence where this idea came from. For those with no kids, babies with a liquid only diet tend to ‘sick up’ milk a fair bit, especially when you burp them. 
Oh and no, some hot chick wasn’t staring at my crotch in the supermarket. But, especially when he was younger Kylar would pretty much projectile spew on me a lot and I often found myself out in public and look down to see baby vomit stains on my jeans that I missed. Being milk it has a nasty white stain look which, always made me really paranoid (especially on my favourite black jeans) that it looked like another type of white stain on my pants. Well, unfortunately….or fortunately, depends on how you look at it, no one ever really noticed or seemed to care…..that I know of. God, maybe heaps of people where laughing at me behind my back! Maybe chicks are constantly staring at my junk, I mean, they’re only human after all. Not that I could really successfully defend myself anyway, it’s like when you accidently spill something sticky on a porn magazine…no one believes you and they never want to read it ever again, we’ll all been there. No? Just me? Fair enough.

Alrighy, until we meet again!


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