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I know you’re all sick and tired of me complaining about not doing new cartoons and posting old ones of late….you’re not? Well I am! To be perfectly honest everything won’t be back to ‘normal’ for another 2 months yet, when my 2nd son Kylar starts going to daycare on Mondays with his brother and then I hope to never post an old cartoon ever again! I’m going to try and churn out a heap of new ones, especially after all this time of having hardly any spare time, to having a whole day to my self again! I’m gonna be productive as hell! Well, that’s the plan….In the meantime I’m going to try my best ok? 

Speaking of which, I had a really good idea! I was thinking of adding a regular comic strip to the blog, like just to start off maybe one strip a month, just to test things out, what do you think? Hopefully I can still do a strip and a single panel when I get my Mondays back.

I had a good idea for this weeks one as well, it involves fisting…..oh yeah, if you want a hint check out my facebook page here: I have 101 likes now, bring on 200!!! How is it, freakin’ Eminem can have millions of Facebook likes and I only get 100??? Maybe I need to embrace my inner wigger 

So, on to why I picked this cartoon: Last week I mentioned how much I was happy with a facial expression in that old cartoon, which made me think of this one. As The facial expressions of the chicken and the women as just perfect…the guy not so much, but who cares, he’s not important. I just love that look the chicken is giving her…and I forgot how much I love drawing roosters….This is a pretty old cartoon, as you can tell by my silly signature and I remember that I went through a curvy/bendy background phase, hence why the floor looks like a planet….honestly I’ve been thinking of experimenting with some more surreal/wacky backgrounds again….hmmmm 

Alrighty, until next time kiddies!


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