Have to be rather brief this week as I’m knee deep in the middle of moving house ‘today’ (I’m typing this up Sunday night and setting it to post on Monday night, so hopefully I can post on all my social networks to let you know it’s up…..if not and you’re reading this, then you’re awesome for checking here anyway!) Have I ever mentioned how much I hate moving house? No? Well, yes I freakin’ hate it with a passion…..

So an old school, classic this week unfortunately….I do have a good idea that I was planning on doing ‘tonight’ (Sunday) but time got the better of me, plus I’m tired from lifting heavy boxes all day, so hopefully I can get it done for next week, and fingers crossed my internet will be back up next week in time for me to post it! I haven’t missed a Monday yet, I hope next week isn’t the first! Come on iiNet, do me proud!

I had some good feedback from last week’s ‘toon, thanks everyone! But you know what the best  feedback I got was? My 2 year old son just happen to see the cartoon and he said “Lego Man” when he saw it, so on drawing an awesome Lego Man, job well done. Give yourself a pat on the back…..

Ok, see you then! 


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