Disney on Ice

I know you are all sick me being so apologetic about when I post old cartoons as opposed to a brand new one, I sure you all don’t really care that much as it’s still probably a ‘new’ one to you anyway. But I feel bad, as one of the first goals of this blog when I started was to see if I could get back into doing regular cartoons, especially with me looking after my 2 boys. So although it’s not that bad, I just wish I could always do new ones, but sometimes it just unavoidable, like this week. Since last week I’ve had my mother visiting to meet her new grandchild, and my workspace, the office in our house also doubles as the spare bedroom. So I can’t be up late working like usual, but next week I promise I’ll have something new and I know I’ve been saying it every week, but I am planing on another Friday Night Art this week, especially as my pageviews were down a bit last month as I was only doing Monday updates, so if anything I’m curious to see how it can effect that. And hey, at least I’m always posting something on Monday’s, I’ve kept that promise at least.

This idea came from a friend of mine John, who sent me an SMS one day, pretty saying “Disney on Ice, there’s a cartoon idea in that somewhere” of which I had to agree. I saw that Disney on Ice was touring here soon, which is what made me think of this cartoon again when I saw the ad on TV the other night. It is a tad old, that’s for sure, $50 for a DVD player? Blu Ray wasn’t even around when I drew this. Now if I did it? Probably a Blu Ray player or a PS3 or Xbox 360 maybe….oh how the times change, remember in the old days when junkies stole VCR’s? Ha! It is old, but it still has my staple purple in there though! 

Alrighty, enjoy and see you next time!


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