Paternity Leave

So no new comic again this week, which I feel really bad about, I’m so sorry! It sucks, because I’ve got the ideas ready to go, I seriously just haven’t had the spare time at all! My original plan was to slowly work on some new one’s at night while everyone was asleep, but my 4 week old boy, Kylar has other plans. The poor little guy has caught a flu off his big brother so he wakes up quite often upset. So his poor mother has been getting no sleep at all, so me being the awesome dad I am, I’ve had the little man sleep on me on the couch from about 8:30 til 12 at night so poor Pen can get at least some sleep. So I’ve had no spare time, on the plus side I have to do something on the couch at night, so I’ve been catching up on some console gaming! Hey, he’s asleep, what else am I going to do? If fact I found it was the only thing that kept me awake anyway, watching TV or reading just made me sleepy.

So this is another cartoon from the vault, not as old as some as you can tell by the drawing style. I think I’m most proud of the facial expression on this one, can you tell he’s punching out a massive turd or what? Have you every had a turd so big you check the bowl after to make sure no vital organs came out with it? I can’t remember for certain how I got this idea, but I could probably guess where I got the idea that’s for sure. They say that the ‘throne’ is the best place to do thinking, well I guess it can be true when it’s ideas about taking big shits.

Anyway, so I hope everything all settles down and I can get some new ‘toons done very soon, I really don’t want to post another old cartoon next week as it’s already been 4 weeks in a row now…..I’ll try my best. Later,


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