The Dragon

Grettings! I was going to try and draw a new cartoon for today, but after my busy week and not much quality sleep I really couldn’t be bothered today and I feel like a nice relaxing day with a book. Busy week you ask? Well in case you weren’t aware my 2nd son Kylar was born last Tuesday, so I’ve had my hands full and I’m pretty tired. But I can’t complain, my poor lady Penelope is really, really tired as our little man just keeps on feeding and feeding and feeding….greedy little guts he is, and as usual he wants to feed all the time and at odd times. So I may be getting broken sleep but at least I’m getting some sleep, unlike her….poor Pen.

So I digging up an old cartoon from the vault today and this is one of my favourites I must admit. Even though this is really old (at a guess, I think this one was done in about 1998 or so, so it’s about 14 years old), I’m still quite proud of the artwork. The only thing I don’t like about it is that it was done during my ‘stupid and way too large signature’ phase, let’s face it, we all go through those…. So my signature looks dumb, but hey, you get over it. I could just Photoshop it out, but like I said….I’m feeling lazy today so screw it. Anyway, hope you all enjoy it and hopefully I’ll be back with some fresh new stuff soon!


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  1. Honking out a dirt snake

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