The Smell of Success

Hello again! Today my lovely lady and I shared a wonderful ‘adult’ day out in the city….as in no kids, not ‘adult’ like porn or anything. So I spent all last night doing this cartoon so I could have the day off today, I ended up finishing it just before midnight, I was going to type this up then too, but I was too tired so I just went to bed and decided to do it today instead. The reason we had an ‘adult’ day out? Our 2nd son is due come next Tuesday! Now, I’ll try and keep the blog up to date over the next couple of weeks, but as you understand it may be difficult. What I may end up doing is just posting some older gags for the next couple of weeks, so I hope you all don’t mind.

If you follow me on Twitter (!/Mr_Brinks) you would have had a sort of sneak preview of the joke in this weeks cartoon as that’s what it started out as. On Saturday on my way to work I saw a poster with Justin Bieber on it and my first thought was “God damn it, did that little shit get another movie?”. But once I got closer to actually read it, I noticed it was an ad for his new scent, I shit you not, and the very first thought I had (which I Tweeted) was “If I wanted to smell like a pussy I’d spray myself with tuna oil”. My mate Don pointed out that he may be a pussy, but he’s a stupidly wealthy pussy, I added to his comment that it should be tuna oil mixed with $100 bills then….and bam! The birth of a cartoon idea, it’s that easy. Originally I was only just going to have the text say “It smells like tuna oil and $100 bills”, but I realised that was a bit vague and most people wouldn’t have gotten the pussy/tuna smell joke, so I had to change the text to make it a bit more obvious.

Anyway, I might just wrap this one up and get back to come quality relaxing while Pen is asleep as I’m pretty sure I won’t have much peace and quiet and relaxing time with a 2 year old and a newborn in the house, so wish me luck!!


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