Duck Face

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Hello again! This week’s cartoon comes from the nearly endless source of humour ideas that is, the “Things I Hate List”. So I complain a lot I must admit, hey I can’t help it if so much stuff annoys the shit out of me. But it is only recently I discovered to harness my complaining and to vent via cartoons, it’s great! In one of my notebooks dedicated to lists of things, I have a massive and every growing section of just things that annoy me, it’s very liberating, you should try it. This week it’s women on Facebook who pull that damn ‘Duck Face’ in photos! Don’t know what I’m talking about? Here’s Urban Dictionary’s explanation: Here’s some examples:

Now I’m fairly certain if you have a Facebook account, you have a least one ‘friend’ with some of these photo’s, hell knows I do. Why the hell do women seem to think pouting their lips like that makes them look like a friggin’ model? You look like a duck, that’s it, oh sorry you also look like an idiot, I forgot that one. Seriously, it really bugs the shit out me, I mean look at them, they look stupid! (while I type this I keep glancing at those 2 cows up there and it keeps making me more annoyed!!)  I can’t take all the credit for this idea, as what inspired it was a comic posted on that had Elmer Fudd shooting the duck lips of a chick (have a look at it here). When I saw it, I had the idea for this cartoon pretty much straight away, by using the tried and true Brinks “just add sex and see what happens” method. This is a first for me though, drawing a popular cartoon character masturbating! Tick that off my bucket list…. Initially I tried to condense it down to one panel, but I couldn’t do it so I thought I do a strip, which I haven’t done in a while anyway.

The middle panel, originally had her mouth open talking, and it wasn’t until I was tracing it ready for inking that I thought that I can’t have a cartoon about duck face without a duck face in it! So I quickly changed her mouth and make her thinking text instead of speaking it. 

The first anniversary of this blog is quickly approaching, the end of the month actually, so I need to get my butt into gear as I still plan on revamping the site and move it over to my .com site. So the next few Friday Night Art post’s will be purely dedicated to the new site, so look out for some more new Bert logo designs this Friday night! See you then!


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  1. Ha, nice, they do look stupid don't they

  2. Thank you! I wanna know, do they realise how stupid they look though? Are they that ignorant?

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