It Can Only Get Better

Greetings my friends, how are we all?
Well, I finally got around to accepting a cartoon idea challenge this week. Awhile ago my mate Daniel suggested I do a cartoon on the difference between good and bad coffee. It took me a bit to get some good ideas out honestly, and pretty much all of them revolved around Starbucks, what can I say, it’s well know and they make really freakin’ bad coffee. So off the bat here, I’m a massive coffee snob, I grind my own coffee at home and I’ve pretty picky about where I get my beans. When it comes to buying coffee when out and about, I pretty much avoid all the major coffee chains, as they taste like balls. I really struggle to understand why these places like Starbucks and Gloria Jeans are so popular, but I have discovered something. You see every time I see someone I know drinking from these places I ask them what they’re drinking and I’ve come to the conclusion that most people that go to these places pretty much just get all the ‘fancy’ flavoured, funky drinks. You know why? Because the flavouring covers up the god awful taste of the coffee itself, and yes I actually don’t mind the cold chiller things you get, but for a good old simple Late or Cappuccino fuck no. I heard someone once say that Starbucks Coffee doesn’t taste like coffee, it tastes like Starbucks….so true. Like the title of this one says; it can only get better, so I’m sure human urine probably would just enhance the flavour. The idea I was originally going to do was a Starbucks employee in the backroom violently anal raping a giant coffee bean and using it’s tears to make the coffee, because I’m pretty sure that’s what they do to get that foul flavour. But I thought that might be a little bit too much, so I scaled down the idea a notch to end up with this one instead.

Oh and in case you were wondering, I had another lazy Friday night last week, so I skipped on the Friday Night Art, I promise I’ll do one this week though.

I follow my pageview stats on this blog site pretty closely, I probably shouldn’t, but I do and it’s good to see that my stats are slowly increasing and I pretty much hardly ever have a day without pageviews these days, which is sweet! It also amazes me the views I get from all over the world, it’s awesome. But I always want more, I just need to be patient, I’ve been reading up on some ways to improve blog traffic and one point was to never give up, most people give up after the first year or so, but you just need to keep slogging away and eventually it will happen. So that’s what I’m doing, and thanks to everyone that helps me by posting and liking my links on Facebook and other sites, it’s much appreciated! You guys rule!

Alrighty, see you again soon!


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