Friday Night Art 5

I’m back again for some more Friday Night Art, I am pretty tired and thought of bailing tonight. But I did that last week so I went ‘screw it’ and whipped out the old pencils and scribbled away and as usual had fun. Why oh why do I procrastinate doing things I enjoy? Anyway so first up I stuck to my current favourite theme of clowns:

Not my usual happy, quirky characters is it? That would be because I was in a pretty foul mood before I drew this. I’d had a really shit afternoon today as my 2 year old son was better a right little shit. This is just a pencil sketch, I darkened it a tad in Photoshop before saving it. So I at least got to vent a bit with this one and I actually felt better after so I then went on to draw this:
Which is another in my “Black and Red” series and also what I tend to call my “Brinkemon” characters that I sometimes draw. Can you see a running theme that I’ve been enjoying of late? Yep, stripy pants and shirt designs….not sure why I just like stripes at the moment. This was done with plain old red and black felt tip pens. So as with all these Friday Night Art pieces, they are all pretty rough and quick, I was just thinking that I might actually redo/do better versions of some that I love eventually as either paintings or in digital form, please let me know if you want me to and which one’s you think I should do.

Anyway bed is calling, see you again on Monday!


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