If Stupidity Persists, Please Don’t See That Doctor

Hello again! Ok, so I don’t know if you know but these new Dr Dre headphones are stupidly popular at the moment, how do I know this? Well, I work in a games department at an electronics retailer and the desk where I do a lot of work just happens to be right next to the headphones and I get goddamn headphone questions all of the time and have a guess for which ones? So I notice them all the time now and the other day I was walking in the city and I noticed some poser, try hard kids wearing them and I’m pretty sure I see more people just wearing the stupid things than actually using them, because they ‘look cool’ and all the cool kids have them…..apparently. So I saw these kids and immediately thought to myself “I wonder if those morons even know they play music…..hang on!” Bing! Cartoon idea!

So once again I use my cartoons as a sort of therapy and make fun of things that annoy the shit out of me, I hope you find it funny, I do and that’s all that matters in the end. And while I was making fun of people that annoy me, I thought I’d throw in 3 types of people I hate: 
1) Kids with annoying hair over one eye 
2) People that wear Kobe Bryant Lakers jerseys, because I hate Kobe Bryant and I’m pretty sure most of them never watch basketball or even follow it. As an added bonus to prove this guy know nothing and is a poser, I also gave him a Celtics hat and no one supports the Celtics and the Lakers as they are mortal enemies. 
3) Guys with ‘fashion mullets’, I don’t care what you call it, a mullet is a mullet and it will always be a horrendous hairstyle, period. 

So I hope you like it, See you again hopefully on Friday for some Friday Art and back here again next Monday for another cartoon! I literally, just had a cool idea about half and hour ago about Transformers sex, so hopefully next week! See ya!


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