Friday Art 02

Ok, going to be brief as I really didn’t have much time to do much art tonight as my wonderful lady and I were out celebrating our 6 year anniversary by having a nice dinner out to ourselves. But I said I was going to do something now didn’t I? So I’m a man of my word, even though I’m tired as shit….

I knew I’d be pressed for time so I did this wacky sketch of a character today when I had a spare couple of minutes and tonight, just then,  I used some tracing paper and traced it with some ink pens and added more detail. So all in all, it was done pretty quick, but I like it, what do you think? No idea what to call it though….

See you all again on Monday, have a great weekend!


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  1. Perfect pic for sending out cards at Easter…. Too bad Easter doesnt ask for greetings cards…..

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