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Greetings my friends! This week’s cartoon was the one that I started last week and thankfully I did as I had a pretty busy morning….well ‘busy’ as in I was at the Lifeline Bookfest all morning buying second-hand books. I so love the bookfest, I get so excited when it comes around as I’m a big fan of kicking it old-school and reading books on paper. Fuck digital.  In my own defence I hardly bought any for myself, I did get a heap for my son Dash though. Speaking of which today is my little man’s 2nd birthday! So he’s going to get a heap of books for his birthday when he gets home! Oh hey, I’m not a tight-ass or anything, we had a birthday party for him yesterday and he got all his presents then. So anyway, I really only needed to do all the digital elements of this cartoon today as last Monday I drew and inked it, so it all worked out really well. Next week I plan to finish 2 cartoons so hopefully the Monday after I can take a day off and play video games all day or something…..ahhhh that sounds goooood. I remember the good old days…..

This idea sprang from the jerky store that’s out the front of where I work. Being me, when I see the word ‘jerky’ I straight away think of jerking off…wait, that came out wrong, I mean I associate it with….oh, whatever you know what I mean. So after going to work a few times and giggling to myself like a schoolgirl about the word ‘jerky’, I eventually wrote it down as an idea of sorts, because if it makes me laugh, I must draw it. So the first association I did was to find something that could go with ‘jerky’, which was a sperm bank naturally (what do you think of when you see ‘jerky’?). The first rough idea was having a sperm bank that also sold beef jerky, here’s also where I came up with the ‘jerky time’ name. I was tossing around (you like what I did there?) what would happen when the two got mixed up and got nothing so I moved on. Then I thought it would be much funnier (plus I couldn’t think of a good punch-line for the other idea anyway) if a guy had a jerky store next door to a sperm bank and people kept getting them mixed up because he called his shop ‘Jerky Time’ instead. 

Oh so I know I did ask for idea suggestions and so far 2 people have given me some of which I still haven’t done yet, but never fear I working on them both! In fact I have ideas for both, that still need some polishing, plus the last month or so has been crazy so I’ll have them done soon. In the meantime, please feel free to throw me some more suggestions! I love a challenge…and a good coffee, but that’s beside the point…..

So I plan on doing some more Friday Night Art, this Friday so check back here then (late Friday night I expect), see ya!


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  1. Theres always an idea about the difference between good and bad coffee…..

    Oh and my "word verification" word was 'varina', which also made me laugh, similar to you and jerky…..

  2. Ohhhhh, good idea Dan! I'm a massive coffee snob, I like it!

    Heheheheheh Varina….

  3. Excellent read, I just passed this onto a friend who was doing some research on that. And he actually bought me lunch because I found it for him smile Thus let me rephrase that: Thanks for lunch!
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  4. Awesome! The cartoon that keeps on giving! Glad to help!

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