Friday Art

As you may remember I mentioned the other week about my new years resolutions, well I have some others, I’ve actually created a sort of rough timetable for how I spend my spare time, so I can try and get more stuff done (My issue is that I enjoy way to many things and it’s difficult to do all of them, like games, books, comics, art etc.). I have to say its been working out really well, which brings me to Friday nights, which is art night! It’s been so long since I’ve just sat down and drawn stuff just for the sake of it, not for a cartoon or anything and man it felt really good!

So I worked on two pieces tonight, the first here is an unfinished sketch that I’ll do some more work on next week I think. This started as a random sketch I doodled in my son’s diary, we sometime draw together….well I draw stuff and he then scribbles all over it. So I thought I’d do a bigger, better version, so here’s the sketch:

So it’s still a work in progress, I’ll see what happens to it next week.

Next, I just grabbed a handful of random black and red Artline felt-tip pens and just drew whatever came to mind and here’s what happened:
So as it was so random and unplanned, there’s a lot that needs fixing, but it was very liberating to just randomly start drawing with ink pen and not sketch in pencil first. I intend to explore this technique more next week as well. 

Oh sorry about the photo’s, I would have scanned them but the drawing pad I used was too big for my little old A4 scanner. So what do you think? I had fun, that’s what’s important. What I do with these who knows, maybe I might do final painted versions, maybe not, we’ll see.


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