It’s My Birthday

So, my original plans for today, as I said last week, was to drawn a Xmas themed cartoon for today and another one for next week. Well, unexpected things happened…as they do and my plans all went to shit. My son Dash got sick and couldn’t go to daycare today like he usually does every Monday, so I didn’t get any spare time to do new ‘toons 🙁 So if you haven’t already guessed it, this is an old cartoon from the Brinks Vault of goodness. I do have a Xmas themed cartoon idea all ready to go to, oh well I’ll see what I can muster up by next week. But don’t hold your breath as I’m working night shifts at work on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and on Friday I start at 9pm and finish 9am the next day! Yes, once again the shopping centre where I work is doing it annual 36 hour trade bullshit. But on the plus I now have Monday off, which is boxing day, the biggest Australian shopping day of the year, sweet. So now I get to be all blokey and Aussie by spending the day watching Cricket and drinking beer…hell yes. So I’m not going to have a massive amount of spare time in the next week, or I’ve got better shit to do, but I’ll see what I can do, but I’m seriously not promising much.

Not much to say about this cartoon, I just liked the idea of Jesus being pissed at Santa for stealing all his thunder on Xmas day, his birthday. It must suck having a birthday on Xmas day, you’d never get to have a decent party or anything and you’d probably get jipped on the amount of gifts you get too. Who would win in a fight between Jesus and Santa anyway? The great fictional character smackdown! I’d pay to see that, especially if that daddy’s boy Jesus got smashed.

Alrighty, I hope you all have a great Xmas and get to drink and be merry. And please remember do your freakin’ shopping early, don’t leave it until a 36 hour trade night you but-holes! And just because you’ve been shopping for hours, your tired and over it, don’t take it out on us poor retail people you selfish douches. Have a good one!


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