Coming Soon….Frustration

As promised, here’s a new cartoon! See, I try and keep my promises, even though I probably shouldn’t have today as we really should have gotten the house sprayed again for fleas again. Yes, we still have friggin’ fleas in the house, it would have been easier to spray today as my son is at daycare, but no I wanted to do a cartoon and I promised so I couldn’t very well bail on that now could I? Anyway we’ll get it sprayed tomorrow. What I really want to do is the get the forwarding address for the previous tenants to this place and post them a box full of live fleas with a note saying: “You left these behind, thought you might miss them”…..douchebags.

Also as promised this week is an Ikea themed cartoon, I actually thought of this idea ages ago…in fact I think it was the last time I went to Ikea. I really liked the idea that it’s not just their products they sell that require assembly with a goddamn allen key. Personally I’d love to watch some guys trying to put an entire building together using really vague picture diagrams for instructions and a giant fuck off allen key. Of course I am a rather sadistic prick. Which remind’s me, I goddamn need to put the 2nd shelving unit together today, there’s another afternoon gone of me yelling at an inanimate object and almost smashing it, oh and of course cursing Swedish people (sorry if your Swedish, I know it’s not your fault, feel free to blame me for Bindi Irwin and Fosters)….ahhhh good times, fuck you Mr Allen and you dumb-ass keys.

Oh and a quick mention, I’m going to try experimenting with a new shadow technique, did you notice? I’m basically outlining the straight hatching areas, what do you think? I’ll try it a bit more in the next few weeks and see how I like it.

I have quite a few creative friends, strangely enough I’ve met them most of them at my work (my other day job at a electrical retailer), one of these days I want to get as many of them together and make an awesome creative ‘super group’, it would be so awesome! We’d all be rich and successful together and make lots of cool shit. So one of my mates Adam is going all out and has stared a production company and is planing a short film, but he needs funding support. So please go to his site: and donate a couple of bucks to help him out. It’s an awesome thing to go out on a limb and pursue your creative dreams, I respect all who do as one day I’d like to be able to make a living doing something creative myself as I’ve always got lots of ideas and dreams I want to accomplish. 

Ok, until next week my friends!


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