Bert and the Vaseline

Woops, sorry to do this again I have to post up an old cartoon from the vault this week as all day today we couldn’t be in our brand spanking new house we moved into last week because it’s getting sprayed for fleas. Yes, fleas….the slack bitch who lived in this house before us left in such a hurry that she didn’t clean the place properly and ‘forgot’ to spray the place for fleas, even though she had a cat and dog. So we’ve moved in and a whole bunch of starving fleas are excited to finally get a feed. Strangely enough though I’ve hardly been bitten, but my lady and son on the other hand have been mauled, especially poor little Dash. I feel so bad, his poor little body is covered in bites, it makes me so sad to see him like that. Anyway, we couldn’t be in the house all day and Dash was in daycare so Pen and I did some stuff then caught a movie, it’s been so long since the two of us have seen a movie together, it was great. Oh we saw ‘Drive’ if you were wondering and it was awesome I must say.

This cartoon is another fine example of how I like to pick on pop culture characters, seriously though I mean everyone thinks Bert and Ernie are gay right? So I pretty sure this would happen if one of them did buy some vas, or some gay porn…..hey us straight guys buy gay porn every now and again too!! No not really

Anywho, it’s gettin’ late and I’ve had a really exhausting week or so, so I need my beauty sleep. I promise I try my best to have a new ‘toon for next week. Later….


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