The Smart Bomb

Howdy everybody!
This weeks cartoon took quite a bit of development and changed quite a lot until I was happy with it. First off it stared as a idea in my “almost there” ideas book simply as “A smart bomb”. I believe the original idea was something along the lines of a super smart bomb knocking on the door to Bin Laden’s hideout (he was alive back when I first had the idea). I always liked something about the idea, but it just needed something extra. 
So when I resurrected the idea last week I tried a few different angles; first off I reversed the idea by having terrorists ‘teaching’ a bomb to make it smart. Then I thought about a lecture room full of bombs learning something, then I thought what about having a single bomb reading a book? Then the next idea, which I almost went with, was having a bomb reading “Twilight” and the terrorist saying: “What? I thought you said it was a smart bomb!” You know, because I hate Twilight so much and all, but then I tried reversing it again by making the bomb too smart and what book would a terrorist hate to have a bomb read? Yep, the God Delusion by Richard Dawkins, one of the greatest men alive and one of my personal heroes! Ok so you may or may not know, I’m an atheist and not a big fan of religion at all (Oh, so if you didn’t know The God Delusion is one of the greatest and most well know atheist books around, hence why I chose it, it’s like the atheist Bible), so I’ve always wanted to do a religion gag, but I could never come up with one, until now. Plus it’s always a touchy subject to tackle, but lately I’ve really started to draw cartoons that I want to do and that I think are funny and not focused on what other people find funny like I’ve always done. Which honestly is what you need to do to sell cartoons, but I’m not selling any more, so screw it! It’s been very liberating I must say, and I’ve been very proud of what I’ve done since starting this blog. Speaking of which, I got quite a few comments from last weeks cartoon, thanks guys! I can’t get over how many people loved it! Especially as I had that idea written down literally for years worried that people wouldn’t think it was funny! How wrong I was!

So anyway as you can see I used 3 common humour idea generating techniques 1) Exaggeration 2) Reversing and 3) Anthropomorphism (best word ever!). So there’s a quick ideas lesson for you all!

Alright it’s getting late, better wrap this up,


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