Hello again! Today was a fun day of experimentation, no I didn’t make out with a dude…well not today anyway, cartoon experimentation! For starters I tried a new (for me anyway) type of comic strip format, what do you think? While I was in an experimental mood I also thought I’d kick it old school and do all my lettering by hand (I usually use a vector based software program) , which didn’t turn out as bad as I expected! You see I don’t have the neatest of hand writing, but after years of writing cartoon ideas all the time and honestly trying to improve as well, it’s definitely better than what it used to be. You see my issue is I have far too much swimming around my head and a bad memory, so a lot of the time I need to write fast, hence why my writing gets messy at times. Another thing that’s helped my writing skills in a major way is that in all my years working in my current job, I was usually always the ‘sign bitch’, so I had to learn how to do signs and letters and I’ve had lots of practice! The other thing I did differently on this cartoon was the size, you see I have this habit of drawing way to big, so this one I had to do a lot smaller as it’s a rather large cartoon. I have to say I really enjoyed drawing smaller and doing my lettering by hand, it was fun, I might keep doing it. 

I have to admit I was rather lazy on the background front this week, as I didn’t think it was needed and I wanted to get it done quicker as well. I really wish I could have gotten a “Holy Shit!” in the first panel though, then all four would have one! But I couldn’t get it to work. The shopping trolley one was the first idea I had actually, once again it came from my “Things that annoy the shit out of me” list, slow walking people in shopping centres! So once I had that idea I made a big list (me and my lists) of potential things that I could put a chainsaw and narrowed it down to just 4. Some of the ideas that got ditched where a chainsaw, a surfboard, a frisbee and a letter opener. I still do like the idea of a chainsaw with another chainsaw attached to it though….I deliberately didn’t show the chainsaws on any of the panels as I think it’s best to imagine these things yourself, and I thought it was funnier, I think it works well. So where did I get the initial idea for this from? From a video game of course! Yep Gears of War was the inspiration for this cartoon, especially the 3rd one that came out last week….it’s awesome! Video games are a waste of time hey? Ha! So anyway the Gears of War games have what is possibly the greatest idea for a weapon ever, the Lancer. Which is an assault rifle with a friggin’ chainsaw on the front, it’s the most bad-ass thing ever, I love carving up baddies with that bad boy. Also if your familiar with the Warhammer games they have a sweet ass weapon called a Chainsword, which is a sword that’s a chainsaw, how awesome is that?  So my love for these weapons got my thinking about what else you could make more bad-ass by adding a chainsaw, and making them Chainsawsome! Man I love that word, feel free to use it. 

I had a lot of fun doing this cartoon, I’m quite proud of it, what do you think?

Ok my friends, time to leave, see you next time!


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