Inappropriate Distraction

  Howdy everybody! So after weeks of my threatening to do it, I finally did a comic strip! It is larger to, just click on it, I didn’t really design this site with strips in mind (as it is, I had to widen the site a tad, I hope it hasn’t messed up you mobile viewers, let me know if it has and I’ll try and fix it). I am looking at giving this blog site a visual overhaul and update soon anyway, so I’ll make sure strips fit well on it when I do that. So what do you think? Would you like to see more strips? Let me know. I actually had a lot of fun doing this strip, so I may do some more soon, next week? I’ll see what ideas I come up with, I think I may just let the ideas dictate what style and format they appear in. This is really a dialogue based gag, which is really difficult to compress to a single panel, plus it’s always good to keep text to a minimum with single panels. Originally there was a hell of a lot more text and dialogue in this strip, but I needed to edit it down, there’s nothing worse than a comic strip with way too much text, it’s very off-putting and people tend to ignore them more. I love dialogue jokes, so I may work on some more of those. Of late I’ve been going over my old idea books and seeing if I’ve previously discarded some ideas because the idea wouldn’t fit in one panel, and I’ve already got a few there I want to do and I’m sure there’s plenty more to find, so it’s always a good backup if I’m hard up for an idea….which to be perfectly honest I kind of was this week, I had nothing single panel wise, and I couldn’t be bothered working on ideas the last couple of nights (stupid inFamous 2, being so addictive and sucking up my time!) so last night I just though, “Screw it, I’m gonna do a strip tomorrow, why not”.

So at the moment here in Australia it’s a really big time of year for all things football (not counting Soccer, the other footballs), across all three codes as well, the AFL and NRL are both at the end of their seasons and are in finals mode and the Rugby World Cup also started last week. So with all this going on I thought I’d do a footy related gag in honor of this momentous time of year! Now I don’t mind all three codes honestly, but they’re not the primary sports that I regularly watch, that would be Cricket and Basketball in case you were wondering. But I thought I’d at least be patriotic and have the guy wearing a Australian Wallabies Rugby Jersey in the cartoon, that and the fact that my lovely lady Penelope is a New Zealander who supports the All Blacks (Our arch Nemesis), so I couldn’t help a subtle dig there! So while the cup is on it’s going to be rather competitive in this house that’s for sure, luckily the All Blacks are notorious World Cup Chokers so I think we’ll be all good. 😉 (There’s me making friends again, first I piss off Apple fans, then Nickelback fans, now Kiwi’s, no one will be reading this blog soon)

Oh and there’s a small story behind the “Vaginal Discharge” punch-line as well. You see years ago in one of my old jobs, me and the guys working there had this running joke that we were going to form a band called “Vaginal Backwash” and our first album was going to be called “Vaginal Discharge”. Never mind the fact that none of us could even play an instrument, you can’t let little things like details get in the way of you dreams of being a rock-star dammit! I was the bass player, because bass is awesome, pretty sure I can count on one hand the amount of times I even picked up a bass in my life. So when it came to writing this cartoon I had to think of a ‘good’ mood killing word and I remembered our album name, what do you think ladies, would that kill the mood for you? It’s not everyday I get to use the term “Vaginal Discharge” in a comic, I can’t wait to see the Google traffic I get from that! The original term I was going to use was “Anal Leakage”, because that phrase pretty much gets me out of the mood, but I thought as it was a guy trying to get a lady out of the mood that I use a more feminine phrase. Well on that note….

Ok, until next time, see ya!


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  1. The only one choking will be you….on your tears of anguish as the Wallabies lose the World Cup and the All Blacks are once again victorious!

  2. Thems fightin' words missy! We'll see, oh we'll see….

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