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Greetings again my friends and happy Monday! This week’s cartoon is a combination of 2 of my favourite things, zombies and hating on Nickleback. Odds are though that at least one of you actually likes Nickleback, if that’s the case than I sincerely apologise….for the fact you have shit taste in music, it can’t be helped I’m sorry. The scariest thing about this cartoon is that if it came true then the world would be populated by Nickleback and their fans! Now that is way more scarier than the actual zombie outbreak! Man I love zombie video games, you want to know why they are so popular? Because you can kill hordes of zombies in horrible, gruesome ways and not feel guilty like killing a normal person! They’re already dead, you’re doing them a favour really. It’s mass killing and not feeling weird for liking it! I never understood why they love brains so much though.  

So I got this idea yesterday why I was looking through one of my old idea books, the original entry was this: “Suspecting that your neighbour is a zombie”. So how did I get to the whole Nickleback concert thing? Well I kept trying to flesh out the idea of a zombie neighbour and I started focusing on the whole brain eating thing, like would the guy get brains home delivered like Pizza Hut (Brain Hut?). Next thing I thought, what if a zombie horde where looking for brains, what large group of people have the least amount of brains? First off I though of a convention of some sort, a Two and a Half Men convention? No I only did a Two and a Half Men joke a few weeks back, what about a Scientology ‘Church’? No, and the last line I wrote was this: “Fans of something? (what?)”. Later that day as I was driving around it dawned on me, a music concert! But who would be playing? I consulted my new “Things that Annoy Me” list, and can you guess what one of the entries was? Yep “Nickleback”! Ah ha! God I hate Nickleback and their stupid Paddlepop Lion lead singer…..I tell you what making a “Things that Annoy Me” list was a really good idea generation tool I must say, give it go, it’s very therapeutic if anything. 

I spent a fair bit of time drawing the background for this one, honestly it could have more detail, but I didn’t think it was that important for the joke really, plus I do have time constraints after all. I did do a Google image search for ‘Stadium Entrances’ and used one as a rough reference for the background. Thank you Google Images, I use it so much for visual reference, it’s awesome. I’m a big fan of silhouettes, hence why the crowd are in the background are done like that. I still need to experiment with silhouettes a bit more though, especially in backgrounds. Anyway, I hope you all like it!

Oh and before I go, I forgot to add 2 new entries into my “The Top Blights of the Modern Automotive Age” from last week:

1) Baby on Board Stickers/Signs:- Oh how did I forget this one! Why oh why do people use these? If I know you have a baby on board am I going to not accidentally hit you? The only practical use I can think of is that when they drive like idiots then you can’t yell expletives at them, just in case the baby hears.

2) Dicky Personalised Number Plates:- Oh my god, I swear, where I live in Brisbane Australia, it’s the capital for bad personalised plates! I’ve seen so many bad ones! The worst are the ones where it’s really obvious that they couldn’t get what they wanted so the had to be ‘creative’ with using numbers instead of letters!

Ahhh, some more good venting…ahhhhh, I feel better now. Ok I’ll see you all again hopefully soon!


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  1. Glad I'm not alone on the baby on board sign hatred.

    I got a "Child On Board" sign with the baby seat we bought. I promptly attached it to the back of my motorbike. I hope to get a speed camera taking a picture of me as I do a wheelie, so I can be on Today Tonight.

    Love your work Brinks, how about some more Stuntman Dave?

  2. That's awesome! Get that picture and have a baby doll tied to your back so it looks like a real one, that would be sweet.

    Cheers! I'd love to do more Daredevil Dave! I've just been waiting for someone to ask, thank you!

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