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What up? How are we all? So this week I don’t have much to talk about in regards to how I got this idea honestly. I was reading though one of my old big book of ideas (I’m actually revisiting old ideas to see if I can use them for generic comic strips as some ideas just can’t fit into one panel) and stumbled across this idea, and thought I’d give it a crack today. What do you think?

Well seen as though that’s it in regards to this cartoon I thought I might share what I’ve been working on ideas wise, to keep the whole theme of this blog. Yesterday I was driving around and noticed a real piece of shit car with a Transformers logo on it and it got me wondering if having them on your car was ever cool? Seen as though I’m a massive social media horebag, I posted that question to Twitter and Facebook and got some awesome responses! For starters I had no idea about the fact that apparently the latest trend with red-neck, yip yarnin’ morons is to hang metal testicles from the back of their utes. Wow. So this came about as we ended up discussing some of the “Blights of the Modern Automotive Age” (That’s a direct quote from Adam, I had to use it as it was a gold phrase! Cheers buddy!). Now this got me thinking that lately I’ve actually gotten some ideas from things that I hate and annoy the shit out of me, so as usual, I started making a list this morning! Wow, I have issues, seriously….It was way to easy to start a list and holy shit it’s getting bigger! So here is my current list on just this subject matter;

The Brinks List: “The Top Blights of the Modern Automotive Age”:

1) Frangipani Stickers – Why oh why were these damn things ever popular? I’ve never understood the need to cover you back windscreen with shit, I mean it’s not like you need to see out of the damn thing now is it?

2) My Family Stickers – Why do you need to express your love of your family via stick figures is beyond me. I especially dislike the ones that have every god-damn pet they own on there as well so it pretty much fills the whole windscreen. If I come over and eat one of your gold fish will they scrape that sticker off straight away? There are some awesome parody versions of these stickers you can get though, like this gem: ( http://stickerish.com/products-page/parody-decals/443-2/)

3) Transformers Stickers – Like my mate Don pointed out, yes it can be cool if placed on a bad-ass car that you could easily see turn into a giant robot killing machine, but on a rusted old Datsun 120y, hell no. The only thing that piece of shit is transforming into is a small compacted trash cube.

4) Flags – Yes, no matter the sporting event, you’re guaranteed people are going to have a flag sticking out of their window on a plastic stick to show their support, even friggin’ months after said event has finished, yes you won, get over it. Oh and Australia Day tends to multiply these fuckers quite significantly for some reason, yes I love my country….but I love that my car doesn’t look like it’s in a moron motorcade more.

5) Reindeer Horns and Noses – Look I hate Christmas at the best of times, but I’m getting better now I have a kid I must admit, but nothing makes me hate it more than people that dress their car up to look like Rudolf. It seemed way to friggin’ popular last year and I hope that everyone gives it a rest this year or I may lose my shit.

6) ‘Humourous’ Bumper Stickers – Look on the rare occasion you do see a funny one, but even then, after seeing 50 times the shine tends to wear off. But it’s even worse when the joke was shit in the first place and then becomes popular and you see them everywhere! I’ve always been tempted to have one on my car but I know I’d just get sick of it really quickly and not find it amusing any more and have to get rid of it. In fact I have an awesome Xbox one that says: “Achievement Unlocked: Placing Sticker on Bumper” But my lady didn’t see the funny side so in the cupboard it lives!

7) Jesus Fishes – Look I’m pretty anti-religious anyway so you can see why I hate these damn things, they shit me to tears. One of these days I’m going to get me a Darwin Fish for my car, just because they are awesome. Why is Jesus symbolized by something he was killed and something he created to feed people? Lucky he didn’t feed them sausages, that would look awkward….

8) Testicles on Utes – Seriously, how is that a good idea? Do they gave a giant cock as the hood ornament? 

Well they was very therapeutic I must say! No where near a complete list, is there one I missed? I was thinking of doing more lists like these as a mid-week update type thing with some images to go with each one like above, what do you think? Oh and just out of interest I just stole all those images from Google Image search, I’m lazy. So other than making awesome lists to read, my “Annoy List” I’m working on is going alone very well and I’ve already got some ideas planned to use it, something in a strip form I think. I won’t ruin the surprise until I work on it more. Man I hate a lot of things…..

Alrighty, time to go, have a good week!


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  1. They don't need a 'giant cock' on the hood cos there is already one behind the wheel hehehehe!!

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