Kermit’s Angry Junk

Hello again my friends, how are we all? So last night, as usual on a Sunday night, I was brainstorming some ideas for today’s cartoon when I decided that I really wanted to do an Angry Birds cartoon. If your not familiar with the Angry Birds, which I’d be amazed if your not as those damn birds are freakin’ everywhere (like bird shit on a statue, or seagulls on a hot chip, like birds…anyway you get the idea), then this cartoon will make no sense at all really. So please let me explain, Angry Birds ( is a really addictive game that’s pretty much available on nearly anything with a screen (odds are whatever you’re reading this one, you can get Angry Birds for it), where you sling birds to try and smash all the pigs on a level. You see, get it? I’m a big Angry Birds fan, I play it on my iPod touch every now and again when I’m waiting for something, I’m kind of shit at it, but I still enjoy it….kind of (I’m exactly the same with golf). If you’ve never played it, the real reason it’s called Angry Birds is that it’s such an infuriatingly, annoying game that makes you really angry whilst playing it! But it’s still stupidly addictive as well! Stupid game! It’s one of those annoying “just one more level” type games that keeps you up too late and leaves you tired as shit the next day. Play it at your own peril and don’t blame me.

So anyway, back to last night: I had two rough ideas that I was tossing up between. One involved something about the Angry Birds at anger management class and the other was Big Bird (I’ve really been watching way too much Sesame Street of late) punching a cop. I still actually like these two ideas, but they still need some work and I intend to do something with them but not today. This morning after I dropped my lady at work I was driving back home and thinking about the ideas, in particular the Big Bird one, trying to ‘tweak’ it. My thoughts went something like this: “Maybe I should make the cop green like the pigs in the game, no wait, what if he was punching another pig character? Like Miss Piggy! Wait, is that violence against women, isn’t that bad? Wait, what if Kermit the Frog was punching her? No, what if he was buying Angry Birds condoms so he could ‘smash’ her? Sweet! I’ll do that!” There you go, a small insight into how my brain works…..I think the word ‘wait’ a lot so it seems.

Have you seen the stupid amount of Angry Birds merchandise available? Holy crap! I’m actually surprised that there isn’t Angry Birds Condoms yet! It may only be a matter of time my friends, only a matter of time….Holy shit, look at this: This shit is out of control! Wow, how rich are these guys now, why can’t I make a fortune off some little iPhone app? Would you buy a Brinks App? It still amazes me just how popular the birds are, hence why I wanted to do a cartoon about them…and I’ve never done a Kermit the Frog cartoon before either, win! win!

I hope you enjoy the ‘toon, see you all again next week!


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  1. mate, Katie has clocked every single angry birds. All of the the different angry birds apps, she has finished.

  2. Ha! My mate Ben is the same and I was the one who introduced him to it, I feel like such a drug pusher!

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