Daredevil Dave Returns

Greetings my friends! How are we all? That’s good. I’m sure most of you may be thinking “Daredevil Dave Returns? Returns from what?” Well, you see Dave is an old regular of sorts for me. Originally I was going to call this ‘toon ‘Daredevil Dave 5’ as this is the 5th cartoon I’ve done with him in it, but I thought I’d be clever and do a Batman Returns thing. Now I’ve been meaning to do a new Dave cartoon in quite some time, but the idea for this cartoon came with the help of my lovely lady Penelope, who just happened to be looking through my list of ‘not quite there’ ideas one day and saw one that simply said ‘Deaf Defying Stunt’. She said that it was a pretty funny idea, so I worked on it some more and it was only a matter of time before I connected the dots on the word ‘stunt’ and Daredevil Dave. Pretty much the entire development of this gag, revolved around that one joke, it was just a bonus that I managed to get a momma joke in there as well! So once again, thank you to my lovely lady for the assist, she’s like my Steve Nash. When I was recently going through my old cartoons looking for ones to redo, I found that the art on some of the old Daredevil Dave’s was a bit crap so I may end up redoing some of them soon. Do you like him? I’m a fan, but I’m biased. I’m sure that’s it not that last you’ll see of Dave….

What I really like about this gag the most is it contains two of my favourite types of humour, word play and momma jokes! I have a few close friends that I often sling momma jokes back and forth with and I often get chastised by my lovely lady for them and she seems to think that one day I’ll ‘grow up’ and ‘outgrow’ them! Ha! Like that’s going to happen! The problem is that it’s harder to make momma jokes about someone’s mum when you’ve actually met her! Especially if she’s a lovely lady, harder, just because you feel slightly guilty….but that still doesn’t stop me of course! Hell no! It’s at this point that I must point you all towards a song I’m currently obsessed with, Lonely Islands “Motherlover”, click here for the film-clip, it’s one of the greatest things ever! It’s actually a sequel to the just as awesome “Dick In a Box“, man I love those Lonely Island guys. Oh and one more, there’s a 3rd one here. It’s not often I get to throw a good old momma joke into a cartoon (like I threw one in your momma last night), actually I think it’s a first, so enjoy it, I know she did. Ahhh, there’s my momma joke quota for the week sorted.

Ok my peeps, see you all again next week!


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