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Hello again, and welcome to another weekly cartoon!

Remember a few weeks back when I said that I really enjoy making jokes about Ronald McDonald? Well I discovered that I actually really enjoy making fun of all pop culture characters in general! So as I came to this realisation today I’ve started compiling a massive list of pop culture characters in my ‘Lists Book’. Yes, I have a notebook purely dedicated to lists of stuff, try it, it’s fun! So I’m curious where I can go with this, are there any characters you’d like me to try and do a cartoon of? I think some of my favourite cartoons I’ve done over the years have been when I’ve poked fun at pop culture icons like Mickey Mouse, Spider-man, Bert and Ernie, The Ham Burgler (and kind of Ronald as well!), Jedi’s, Superman, Santa….wow, there’s a lot more than I realised! There’s still a heap more, how did I not come to this realisation earlier? 

The original idea for this one was going to be something along the lines that the M & M’s characters actually shit pure chocolate, but no one ever wants to eat it. So the initial humour idea here was pretty much M & M’s and their bodily functions, but the whole eating shit idea didn’t seem quite right, perhaps it may be better in a 3 panel comic strip format. I mention that as I’ve been thinking about expanding “On the Brink” to occasionally being a 3 panel strip format as well as the ‘standard’ single panels. Sometimes I really enjoy working under strict restrictions and time frames, I don’t know why, I think I focus more clearly that way. So I’ve always enjoyed being forced to restrict my jokes to a single panel, the major problems with that are that there are some joke that can’t fit in one panel and it also really restricts dialogue based jokes. So I’m planning on looking back over some old unused ideas and see if any of them can work within a 3 panel format. Who knows I may grow to like doing that more and end up favouring it, we’ll wait and see, it’s been a very long time since I drawn comic strips so I’m looking forward to it! So anyway, once I realised the eating shit joke wouldn’t work I broke down the idea (like shit with a wire coat-hanger) to bodily functions and tried from a different angle, would they piss chocolate milk? Wait what if their semen tasted like chocolate sauce? No hang on, what if they just told women that to get them to swallow? Bang! Idea in the bag!

Last Thursday was my 34th birthday, and one thing I realised this year was just how much social interaction has changed since I was a kid. You see when I was in high school there was no Internet and hardly anyone had a mobile phone, and if they did the damn thing was the size of a brick anyway. So when it was your birthday your friends had to actually see you to wish you a happy birthday, or call on the home phone or send a card. As technology grew and the Internet came about, you’d then get an email wishing you a happy birthday and years later you’d get and SMS on your mobile phone. This year? I got one SMS birthday message and no emails, how did I get the bulk of birthday messages? Yep Facebook. We just seem to be getting lazier in our interactions now don’t we? But hey, I’m not complaining and sounding like the old fart I am, if it wasn’t for Facebook I wouldn’t even know half my friends birthdays, let alone remember when they are. Oh and I am notorious for not keeping in contact with people so Facebook perfectly suits my slack-arse nature perfectly. I just found it interesting is all, and I’m wondering what’s next? Send a birthday message directly to your brain?

Holy crap, look at the time! I really had my shit sorted early today, it was nice knowing what cartoon I was doing before today so I didn’t get in a mad panic like last week. Also helps that this was a really easy cartoon to draw. So I’m going to finish this and start another cartoon! 

So until next time!


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  1. I was eating m&m's when I saw this.


  2. I guess that does look a little like you Belle 😉

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