The Steaks are High

Hello again my friends!

Holy crap this was a last minute cartoon idea, that’s for sure! I had no idea what I was doing today until about lunchtime, I spent all morning brainstorming ideas and was coming up short. Yes it’s true I do have notebooks full of ideas, but nearly all of them are raw and unfinished. As much as I love brainstorming ideas, it can be very frustrating at times when you spend hours pouring over notebooks to end up with nothing. But when you finally get a really awesome idea it’s such a good feeling. Like last week, when that idea fully came to me I was so happy, especially as the original idea was so old, never give up that’s what I say. It’s true that there’s no such thing as a bad idea,  it just needs more work. I really need to do more idea work so I have plenty of ideas ready, so I won’t get all panicky like today, it’s just hard because seriously it can very time consuming with little reward, but I’m damn determined and dedicated! You lot better appreciate what I do for your entertainment. Anyway the original idea for this ‘toon was a bunch of anthropomorphic steaks playing poker whilst smoking bongs and joints at a casino and two guys go to join the table and one says “Hold up, the steaks are way too high at this table”. Instead of that I thought I’d streamline the gag more, plus anthropomorphic steaks would be harder to pull off than bulls that’s for sure. Plus I thought having high bulls was funnier anyway. It’s been awhile since I’ve done a good old weed gag, probably because it’s been awhile since I’ve smoked any. Funny how being high opens your mind….to jokes about being high. 

One of the things I really like about using this Blogger website is the highly detailed stats I can always access about my blog. Such as, I can see exactly how many people have viewed the page and from what country they’re from. Like my number 1 country by a mile is obviously Australia, followed by the US, but third is Germany! Hell yeah, here’s a shout out to all my German peeps! It’s very cool. I can also see how people got to the page, by links for example. It also tells me what search keywords people used to find my page as well, and guess what phrase someone searched for and got to me? “Horse Dildo” HAHAHAHAHAHA! If you may remember awhile ago I did a cartoon set in an animal porn shop ( and in the blog text I mentioned the ‘horse dildo’ pictured. How funny is that? Some weirdo searching for a horse dildo ended up here! Man he (or she, you never know, maybe she wanted a dildo the size of a horse wang) must have been rather disappointed…or maybe not, if your now a fan sir (or madam) I salute you! I’m not one to judge, a fan is a fan in my book, what gets you off is your business. Strangely enough though some other keywords that got me traffic are: “porno animal” and “toon bestiality”. Wow, got that market corned….. So just out of interest 
I put the term “horse dildo” in Google and holy shit, I don’t recommend it, and I didn’t even 
pop up on the first page! I didn’t have the stomach to keep looking past page one honestly. 
So here’s another shout out to all my fans who dig animals, like more than a friend! Let’s 
just hope I get some traffic from “High Bulls” this week! Or perhaps I should just throw in 
some weird words and see what happens…….cat rectum

See you all next time!


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