The Bat Mandate

Hello again my friends! This weeks cartoon idea came from a personal situation, it’s not always easy to get good material from what you do during the week I must say. Especially if you don’t want all your jokes to be at the expense of children’s TV shows and raising a toddler, which lets face it, cracking dirty jokes about kids shows would get a tad creepy after awhile. Last week I went on a ‘man date’ with a fellow stay-at-home mate of mine, Ben to go see X-men First Class at the movies. As you’d expect we all made lots of typical ‘we’re gay’ jokes, in fact I posted a Facebook status update that day that got out of control and very ‘in the gutter’ you might say, by the end. Which is right up my alley, and makes me realise how cool my friends are, we’re on the same dirty wavelength! One thing that got mentioned that I hadn’t heard of was a ‘sex move’ (I use that term loosely as it’s one of those funny sex things that I’m pretty sure no on ever does, I’m trying to find a good list of them online) called “The Spider-man”. Heard of it? I’ll let good old Urban Dictionary explain it for you: It’s funny and wrong at the same time, like all of them I guess. A favourite of mine is the Eiffel Tower ( Don’t try these at home kids, it’s just wrong….So anyway, Ben and I  made sure we had a beer before the movie just to completely reaffirm out heterosexuality and then went to the 9pm session, I felt like such an adult going the movies so late! It’s 9pm, so there’s not going to be too many people there right? Well we got there and there was 2 other guys on a man date as well! We sat down and guess what? Yep, 2 more dudes walk in on a man date! At this point we were both getting worried, Ben turns to me and say’s “Seriously, if another 2 guys walk in we’re out of here”. Only one other couple turned up though, and it was a guy and a girl! Phew, now it’s no where near as weird, well except for when Ben and I started making out half way through the movie, but that’s not gay, come on! As a friend of mine pointed out, it wouldn’t be gay if one of us was wearing a Magneto helmet. We now plan on pitching the new “Wang Magneto Helmets” to Marvel any day now, man we’re going to get so rich! Why is it when 2 seemingly hetro guys can watch sport together, drink beer together but when they have dinner in a nice restaurant or see a movie together people assume they’re gay? I have this argument with my lady all the time, as she believes (like most women) that she has an awesome “gaydar”. But I always argue that just because 2 dudes are dressed nice and are eating in a nice restaurant doesn’t mean they’re gay. At least we saw a rather ‘manly’ movie, right? Wait a minute! During my ‘reasearch’ for this cartoon I found this website: Under the list of ‘things gay people like’ is ‘Xmen’! What the hell? Wait, the colour purple as well!! Holy crap, does this mean I’m gay? Maybe they mean, the movie, not the actual colour purple? Next thing they’ll be saying that cuddling is……oh son of a bitch!

So anyway, this morning whilst brainstorming some ideas for today’s cartoon I thought about my ‘man date’ and wondered if I could get an idea from it. To be perfectly honest this cartoon is a slight variation of a previous cartoon I’ve done, hey at least I’m honest! And if you going to rip off someone, it may as well be yourself! There’s nothing wrong with variating good ideas though, especially if it’s a type of humour you like. But it’s rather odd the amount of pop culture ‘duo’s’ that everyone thinks are gay, I mean seriously Bert and Ernie have been copping it for years I mean come on, they bathe and sleep together! I think it would be so awesome if Bert and Ernie ‘came out’! Imagine how many people would just lose their shit over that? So I thought about Batman and Robin, who honestly only really use to get the whole ‘gay duo’ thing from the old TV show (seriously why did Robin always climb up the wall first anyway? But that show was all pretty much as camp as a outdoors shop anyway) and wondered what if they cop shit all the time for people thinking they’re gay. And that was pretty much it. So I hope you all like it!

I know I said I was planning on doing some more mid-week updates, but I haven’t had as much spare time as I’d like of late. I was thinking about getting a good compact 13in laptop so I can do some more writing, anyone know a good cheap one I can get?

Ok better go, see you again soon!


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