Shark Attack!

So If all goes according to plan I’m posting this blog from Mareeba in North Queensland where I’m on holiday for a week with some of my family. That’s if nothing goes wrong that is! So currently it’s Saturday night, I’ve just finished the cartoon and I’m typing this up so it’s ready to go on Monday as we fly out tomorrow (Sunday). Fingers crossed that the flight goes ok, Pen and I are really stressing about how well our 16 month old son is going to fly…..

Anyway, I’ll make this short and sweet. This cartoon is a good example of how I evolve and develop my ideas. A few weeks ago on a Monday morning, by myself, I bought a newspaper to read while I sat in a cafe drinking a coffee. What I did was whenever I read something that made my ‘humour sense’ tingle I circled it so later I could come back and write further notes. Now I feel a tad bad about this one because the article was about an actual vicious shark attack, which is bad yes but my brain works in strange ways. So I circled it, thinking there would be a good idea in a shark doing another type of attack, not just a physical one. So when it came later to entering this idea in my ideas book, I literally Googled “attacks” and looked up all the different types of attacks. I came across a website about emotional attacks at workplaces, which led me to the idea of a shark emotionally attacking a female surfer about her appearance. So all my so called ‘reasearch’ for this cartoon was nothing really nice I must say, but in all that bad stuff I managed to get a joke out it! So there’s always a silver lining and all that bullshit.

This was a nice, simple cartoon to draw too, which was good as I only had limited time to do it. Not much detail, and as with last weeks it’s drawn and inked by hand and coloured and lettered by PC (Why not use a MAC I hear you say? Well because I hate MAC’s for one and I don’t have any valid reason why I should honestly, so there) I hope you all like it! See you all again next week!

(Holiday) Mike

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  1. You only don't like macs because you have to buy the software not reuse the demo version from magazines… B)

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