Mid Week Nonsense 1.0

Thought I’d get off my butt and finally do a mid-week update, I do have many plans for some good mid week shenanigans but today I thought I’d just share a drawing!

This a a drawing I did a few weeks back whilst I was really bored at work…..I mean, I drew it during my designated lunch period and not during work time 🙂 (Anyone recognise the good old yellow cardboard and black pen?). So I’ve been playing Pokemon a fair bit at the moment (damn addictive games are like kiddy crack I tell you), so I’ve started sketching, what I’m calling ‘Brinkemons’, of late. In fact if you look at my son’s scrapbook that he scribbles in with his crayons you’ll see a few I’ve done in crayon randomly surrounded by lots of random lines, dots and such (and sometimes scribbled all over them, he’s not very impressed by daddy’s talents I must say). 
So this one is currently ‘hanging’ behind the counter at my work, hence why I took a photo with my phone. I’m liking the idea, so who knows what I’ll do with them, but I can tell you now they would kick the arse of any pussy Pokemon that’s for sure, especially the one I’m working on now that carries a revolver and chain smokes…..Hmmm do you think Nintendo would like my designs??


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  1. the cardboard looks white to me?!?!?! but you better hope Crackers doesnt see this, or you will be in trouble for wasting company equipment…..

  2. lol i think it's easier to draw on yellow now… it's like we were institutionalized for doing it for so long that white paper just doesn't cut it for me now….

  3. Probably looks white because my phone took a shit photo! Dude, crackers would kill me if he found out! He does like me though I have to say

    I agree Karl! Yellow seems much nicer on the eyes too, not so bright! And yes I've drawn on that damn yellow cardboard for way too long now….

    (Oh and once again sorry for the late reply, I've set it up now so I know when people post now, keep up the feedback guys! I love it)

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