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Greetings, as I was sick most of last week and today is a public holiday (My son’s daycare is closed on public holidays, so no day to myself today) I don’t have a new cartoon for you today. But what I do have is an old cartoon from my ‘vault’, sorry to all who’ve seen this one before. So hopefully, even though next Monday is another public holiday (And to think I used to enjoy Public Holidays) I hope I can still get a new ‘toon done during the week to post up, I’ll see how I go.

I picked this cartoon in honor of Public Holidays and how much we Aussies love them! I originally drew this way back in April 2007, now that I look at it again I think I should have swapped the 2 speech bubbles around, not sure why I did that…very odd.

Did everyone have a good Easter? I can tell you one person who enjoyed Easter is my boy Dash, who just discovered the awesomeness of chocolate! Num, num, num, num….

We’ve created a monster!!

Have a good one!


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  1. wearing or displaying oz flag on 26th Jan = unaustralian. just too much effort.

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