Baking Porn

Ok, I’m sorry it’s been so long in between cartoons, I was only planning on taking about 2 weeks off, but it ended up being a whole month! Man, July was a pretty hectic month. For starters it was school holidays and I was out of town for about a week, then I spent a large chunk of my spare time in July upgrading my PC and using my old parts to build a “family computer” for my 2 sons to use for schoolwork and to play games on. On top of all that, I had my birthday and I was also covering for a friend at work by doing all her Monday shifts. Monday is usually when I finish the work on my cartoons from the night before by the way. So I was quite busy, but everything should be all back to normal now, both PC’s are working fine, I’m one year older and I’ll have Monday mornings free again now, so it’s all good!

If you don’t already know, in the last few years I’ve discovered a passion for baking, in particular, cookies. Every week I back cookies for everyone I work with on Saturdays. During July the Food Network had a baking theme for the month, so my wife and I discovered a love of baking TV shows as well. Specifically competitive baking shows. ┬áSo, it was only a matter of time until I came up with a baking joke really. But most of the credit for this one goes to one of the counter girls at my work, who hates the word “moist”. Being me, I can’t let that slide by, so I often torture her with signs and notes with “Moist” written on them in various ways…..because it’s fun. Anyway both of these factors together led to me coming up with the idea of cupcake porn, with one being “moist” and the other “rock hard” and a baker watching in on a computer. Hey, why not?

Anyway, it’s good to be back, see you again next time!



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